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               New Hallmark Stickers 55 cents each                  Bambi (This are not licensed) 55 cents each


      Pooh Watermelon stickers 80 cents each      Big Dinosaur stickers 70 cents each (these are not in the plastics)

pooh       halloween

Mickey Square sheet 75 cents                              Halloween Stickers  95 cents each
Pooh stickers 80 cents                                             Pooh Strip  45 cents           
Pooh Miniture sheet 45 cents                                                                           

vintage stickers

Sleeping beauty Kodak stickers $1
Dalmations shiny stickers $1
Glitter Mickey sticker sheet $1
Gibson Mickey Pilot 65 cents
Hallmark (pooh & little mermaid) 55 cents each
Party Express Pocahontas  55 cents
Thin Party Express sheets (pooh orange background & Hunchback) 50 cents each


Beauty & Beast 50 cents
102 Dalmations hallmark  55 cents
Mickey at the beach (4 sheet set)  $1.95
Smile Makers (6 sticker set)  .80 cents
Gibson Stickers (Cowboy or Sports)  .65 cents

5 sticker sets         

Sets of 5 stickers 95 cents each set